An ode to the tall, extraordinarily beautiful Ethiopian woman who walked the halls of Trillium Mississauga Hospital this week. 

You do not know me and you will probably never meet me but I wanted to put my gratitude out into the universe and hope that it energetically finds its way to you. 

This hospital has been where I spend most of my time since my mother arrived here almost a month ago with a brain hematoma. The multiple surgeries have been serious, scary and emotionally excruciating for me and my family. My mother's recovery and her future quality of life is unknown at this time. Positive thoughts, faith and prayer guide us even though the reality that she has lost her independence reasserts itself with every spoonful of her meals that we feed her. 

On this day, for a few seconds however, as you walked by me, in the hospital corridors, beautiful Ethiopian woman, I had a momentary break from the bleak. You gifted a moment of graceful beauty to my eyes and comfort to my heart. I did not speak to you. I only stared and was captivated by the grandeur of your beauty. How poised your walk, how perfect your skin, how sparkly and wide your eyes, how centred, confidant and humble your demeanour. Your cascading, long, dark grey dress flowing behind you like a stream as you walked past me. 

How incredible and profound that moment was for me.  I thanked God for sending me that moment of beauty and grace that simply seeing you gave to my heart.

I send you...radiant , graceful Ethiopian beauty, my deepest gratitude for the gift, unknown to you, that you gave to me simply by walking past me. Blessings and love to you always.