As I navigate through a deeply painful experience, looking for the cause, the thing, the enemy to take arms against, these words come to me….


Words unspoken
Fuelling the broken

Remaining unspoken
Scorching the broken

Unspoken, not unfelt
Broken-ness does not melt

Taking with it, movement ahead
Leaving behind, all the words left unsaid

Unspoken, unspoken, the root of the broken
Broken, broken, the price of the unspoken

- Enza Tiberi-Checchia

The unspoken is where the enemy lives, thrives, controls and takes over.   Where in your life have you left words unspoken? Where in your life are those words waiting to be spoken? 

Be with them.  Hear them.  Honour them.  Speak them.  Allow the power in their truth, no matter how painful, to move the broken up, out and forward.  I implore you.  Do not give power to the unspoken to leave you broken …speak, speak, before it’s too late. I promise you, it will heal.  I promise you it will liberate. 

Be patient, give space, let grace keep vigil in your heart to the fertile ground of truth that waits to liberate you.