Happy Intentional New Year!

I’ve always been a person who is deeply connected to, moved by, and ignited by words. For as long as I can remember. It’s no wonder that at the centre of my New Year intention-setting spiritual practice is a word.

It began six years ago when I noticed a single word that resonated and kept showing up for me in the weeks and days leading up to the New Year. Surrender was the first word to show up this way in 2012. The word provided the focus I needed, as if as a guide to remind me through all the 365 days that lay ahead of my intention. Now it is a yearly practice. 

Here’s how it works.

I begin with meditating on where the past year has lead me and then I feel into where I’m guided to go for the incoming year. In that ‘space’ of feeling into where I’m guided to go, a word surfaces that aligns with the virtue or feeling of where I’m headed. This word then becomes my powerful intention for the New Year. Sometimes the word appears many times and other times it jumps off the page once and I know it in every fibre of my being that it is my word for the year.

But that’s just the beginning. Then I honour the word by printing it in large print on a canvas that sits on a shelf above my desk. There it stands in honour of my commitment to my intention, to the power of that single word, and as a beacon of focus for who I’m meant to “be” in the flow of my journey through the coming year. And the practice is complete when I sign it as a papered commitment.

Here are my annual intentional words for the past 6 years:

2018- Stay tuned on New Year’s Day for my 2018 intentional word. It’s still in process...

If this resonates with you then maybe you too are ready for this powerful spiritual practice. What would be your intentional word for 2018? Share it with me on New Years Day on my Instagram @mietcetera.