My Intentional Word for 2018 is ACCEPTANCE.

Acceptance, in it's purest meaning is “Belief in the goodness of something".  I am at heart, a person who chooses to see life through rose coloured glasses and I have faith that all things, no matter how difficult or painful, have a meaning and a purpose in our life's journey.

The word Acceptance showed up and jumped off the page, blinding me a few weeks ago.  Evidently there’s more for me to explore about Acceptance.  Ever since that moment, I have been pausing and pondering the things in my life that I need to delve into deeper levels of acceptance with. I have been seeing and then accepting "what is", in my life.  The "what is" is truth and I realize that acceptance of truth is a crucial step to moving forward and creating what I want and need. Acceptance of truth is what creates a solid foundation that allows me to become the creator of the life I want, need, desire and deserve. 

I intend to be in acceptance and in constant flow with "what is".  Create choices for myself from a non-resistant place, with the full support and energy of being in flow with my truth. I intend to be aware of the areas in my life where I have resisted acceptance of "what is". 

It will take practice and I will need to have compassion for myself and others. I intend to accept painful or sad or hopeless situations and relationships.  The sadness, pain or hopelessness only exists because I resist the "what is” and that keeps me stuck in the feelings of pain, sadness and hopelessness. Movement forward comes from Acceptance.  Here are the steps I take in my practice of acceptance:

Steps to Practice Acceptance

1.     Be aware of your feelings.
2.    Be with your feelings, experience your feelings and let yourself go deep into your feelings. Feelings are the messengers of your inner truth. Do not rush this step. Feel the feelings until you reach the awareness of the truth that the feelings are bringing to you. 
3.    Accept the truth that your feelings brought to you. Don’t deny yourself the time to move through this new awareness.  Allow yourself to be sad or to grieve or to be angry.  Whatever it is allow it in you and go through it into full, powerful, fluid acceptance of that truth.   
4.    Dream in infinite possibilities and let the new choices find you and speak to you.  Let these choices show you the many ways forward. Get ready for the unfolding of the new and different choices in your life to reveal themselves to you and to move you in the direction of your dreams. 

I am excited and ready to usher in the New Year with “Acceptance”.  I look forward to the visions of choices and paths that practicing acceptance will open up for me in the coming year.

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