Yesterday I chose sound healing for my self care practice, after receiving an email from my dear friend and spiritual mentor Alexandria. 

Alexandria is the founder of the NuLove Community. NuLove is where I experienced the power of healing through group meditation and intention. The energy and welcoming spirit of that community touched me deeply at a time when I had just begun delving into curiosity about my life and my purpose. 

I am deeply grateful to Alexandria and NuLove for a memorable experience of connection and for the friendship and spiritual mentorship with her that grew from it. This young lady is very wise. It’s not uncommon for her to rock my world with her wisdom. These moments are usually followed by me asking “how old are you really?”

Sound healing is a guided acoustic to accompany my dreams or if I am in need of a restorative break then I focus on every sound as it comes in and fades out. Alexandria's voice is angelic and feels like it’s coming from a far away place that’s beckoning me towards it. I am soothed and peace is cultivated in my core.  

For those of you new to sound healing here are some important facts about it. Details on how to prepare for it. For those of you who want to include this in your regular self care practice, some info to follow Alexandria’s NuLove Community and some upcoming events.

Benefits of Sound Healing: 

Sound healing with the crystal singing bowls is very relaxing, reduces anxiety, increases creativity, increases intuition and motivation and helps with physical and emotional imbalances in the body. It gives your brain a break from the noise – a “brain break”. The bowls coupled with the healing frequencies of the human voice (Alexandria’s voice) allows for an even deeper healing experience - allowing your mind and body to rest and restore.

This mediation is performed intuitively and is completely improvised. For the most benefits, please find a comfortable position (seated or laying down - however most comfortable to you), close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Allowing yourself to rest, relax and receive the healing frequencies of the crystal singing bowls with voice healing.